Qualification Form

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Accredited Investor: 

To be an accredited investor, a person must meet one of the following classifications:

  • An individual with an annual income exceeding $200,000 ($300,000 for joint income) for the last two years and with the expectation of earning the same or a higher amount in the current year; or

  • An individual with a net worth exceeding $1 million, either individually or jointly with their spouse, not including their primary residence; or

  • An entity is considered an accredited investor if it is a private business development company or an organization with assets exceeding $5 million.


Sophisticated Investor: 

An individual who does not meet the criteria of an Accredited investor may be considered a sophisticated investor if they are able to indicate and certify that:

  • They are an individual with sufficient capital, experience and net worth to engage in more advanced types of investment opportunities.

Peoples Capital Group strives to help as many people invest in real estate as possible. Due to high demand and diligent standards for investing, each applicant must go through a qualification process prior to being selected to invest. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Disclaimer: Private Offerings are for qualified investors only. Applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis. Every applicant must undergo and pass a short interview process. Approval of an application does not mean an investment opportunity will be available to applicant.

All Information is kept strictly confidential.