Passive Real Estate 

Investments: Better Returns than 401ks & IRAs

Did you know that New Jersey apartment properties with access to NYC deliver high returns, even in recessions? 

Seth Martinez + Aaron Fragnito, the owners of Peoples Capital Group in Berkeley Heights, NJ partner with qualified investors to buy the best properties in the New Jersey real estate market. Financial risk is shifted to PCG through a syndicated business model.


PCG secures the bank loan. They make the needed renovations, and keep the tenants comfortable. Investors sit back and receive a quarterly check in the mail with zero property management responsibilities. This is how passive income streams through real estate investing works. 

Our mission is to transform personal finances and quality of life. 

People that invested with PCG wanted legal tax shelters, low risk, and predictable returns so they could fund important things in life. They had underperforming 401ks and IRAs and worried about another recession hindering financial goals. 

Who wants to live like that! PCG investors didn't, so they came to a real estate investing event and learned how wealthy people create passive cash-flow. Consider attending an event. Financial freedom feels good, and it's for everyone!  

Peoples Capital Group Invest with IRA

The E-Book

PCG's Guide to Real Estate Investing

Is real estate investing + passive cash-flow for you? Probably!

Aaron Fragnito, host of PCG's Passive Cash-Flow podcast, wants everybody to learn, grow and prosper. You will hear investing gems and gain the confidence to transform your personal finances by tuning-in every Friday. 

Aaron doesn't sell real estate educational materials. He's seen too many people get burned by  "gurus" that made big claims. His podcasts are not monetized for profit. The goal is to help people see how they can succeed. 


When people listen to Aaron's podcasts, they get the feeling he's all about positive relationships and straight talk.  What you see is what you get!  All Podcasts Here. 

What are PCG investors raving about? Plenty. 

  • Exclusive off-market real estate opportunities

  • 100% passive investments, no management headaches

  • Transparent process

  • Cash Flow with financial reports each quarter
  • Equity Growth
  • Appreciation
  • Tax Shelters
  • Accounting managed by CPAs for you
  • No Personal Guarantees required

  • Option to invest through IRA
  • Low minimum investment amount

  • Quarterly meetings to educate investors

Do you qualify to invest in commercial real estate with PCG?  

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