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Michael is a speaker, trainer, life leader, and the founder of Human Performance Mentors and the Missing Playbook™. His mental fortitude training strategies, methodologies and philosophies are drawn directly from his own life experiences.

He has dedicated his life to training and preparing the world’s most elite athletes, top athletic organizations, leaders and influencers. His passion: Leading individuals to Master Mental Fortitude. He works with very successful individuals from all walks of life.

0:00 – Intro

2:25 – How to motivate yourself

6:42 – The challenge of lifting yourself up

11:10 – The balance between work and life

15:23 – Valuing people and using money

18:54 – What is success?

20:50 – Knowing people

25:04 – Wheel of fulfillment

31:44 – Failures build success

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Aaron Fragnito: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just gone live here on the Passive Cashflow Podcast. I’m your host, Aaron Fragnito. We have Michael Cooper here with us today. Say hello, Michael.

Michael Cooper: Hell, everybody.

Aaron: All right, excellent. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for joining the Passive Cashflow Podcast. As you know, you can learn more about people’s capital group, and how we create passive cash flow for passive investors at people’s capital I want to have Michael on today. We’re not really going to talk about finance or passive cash flow today. We’re going to talk about motivation, personal goals, how to stay motivated during these difficult times. Michael, talk a little bit about what you do.

Michael: One of the best ways to have people understand is if you think of a high-performance vehicle like a Lamborghini, it requires high maintenance, strict self-discipline to operate. You don’t just jump into a car like that and go. You need to understand the sensitivity of the pedals and how quickly it accelerates, decelerates, how it handles. You might spin out, crack up the car, hurt yourself. There’s a lot that can go wrong. You have these high net worth individuals who they’ll pay the money. They’ll pay $180-$300,000 for a high-performance car. They’ll spend the tens of thousands of dollars in maintaining and servicing and repairing and polishing it up.

The highest performing vehicle of all, the human being, most people are neglecting and it requires high maintenance, strict self-discipline to operate. A lot of people are spitting out, cracking up, especially during these times. For me, I’m the mechanic where I just tune up, tune in to the person and help them truly understand how to think and speak their mind to this universe, and how they can create these positive results that they want with their relationships, and with their health and profession financially, spiritually, all these different aspects of their life.

Aaron: Absolutely. There is, I think more of a need for that more than ever right now with COVID going on. It is confusing as far as what we’re allowed to do, what we’re supposed to be doing, how to maintain your sanity through all this and not let alone your business in your health, but yes, that’s incredible. Well, let’s go right into it here. I’m going to ask you some questions as an individual, as a small business owner and someone dealing with all the hardships of life. One of the challenges I’ve had is my weight. I’ve always been about 20 to 40 pounds overweight.

I’ve had trouble just motivating myself to stay exercising and diet. My wife doesn’t mind my belly, she likes resting on it, so there’s not much of a motivation to lose the weight. How would you suggest someone like me to finally get up and get moving, and get rid of that spare tire?

Michael: Do you have kids?

Aaron: No kids, although, probably in the next couple of years, we’ll have some.

Michael: I was going to say, if you did, but actually now that you’re even thinking of in the future having them, you’re going to want to be healthy and strong and vibrant to be able to twist, turn, move and be able to participate with them. Being active, participate in their lives, being active to participate in your life. It’s great that she has the belly to rest on, but get her to rest on the chest, get her to lay on the chest and in your arms and get the belly down. There’s different areas of our lives that we need to focus on, spiritual relationships, health, profession, financial. In the health part of the wheel, it is important that you’re doing lots of things in there; the mental health, emotional health, the physical health.

For someone like yourself, as far as wanting to be fit and healthy and strong, and just to have more energy, more stamina, more endurance, whatever it is you want to fit in different clothes or whatever it might be. Everybody has different goals, different things that they want to accomplish. It’s all about simple, productive actions. I just spoke to a gentleman this morning and he was having the same issue actually. He’s like, “How do I motivate myself? How do I execute just being healthy and strong because I want to stick around for my wife and kids?” What he’s telling me. I said, “Well, five pushups, can you do five pushups today?” I’ll ask you, did you do five pushups today?

Aaron: I did not do five pushups today, but I can do, I can do that.

Michael: I’m not asking if you can or if you did, I’m saying, could you do five pushups today?

Aaron: Sure.

Michael: It’s a simple productive action, so if you do the five pushups, it’s simple to do it, but it’s also simpler not to do it. When you do the five pushups every day, that’s a simple, productive action repeated consistently over time will lead to you being healthier. You’ll get fitter, you’ll get a tighter core. You’ll have a stronger upper body, you’ll work on your stamina, your endurance, et cetera, but it’s also simple not to do it. No, I’m not in the mood right now or I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do 20 tomorrow and then tomorrow comes in and then you don’t do it. When you don’t do it, that’s a simple error in judgment. There’s a great book by Jeff Olson called The Slight Edge that talks all about those simple productive actions, and the simple errors in judgment.

The best thing really try to do five pushups a day and try to do five sit-ups a day, just the simple productive action, and then do that for a week. You feel like, “Oh, that’s simple, let’s see I could do that.” Well, then bump it up to 10. Bump it up to 15, whatever it is or go for a walk. Go for a walk with the wife, say “Let’s go for a walk around the block.” One, you’re getting some cardio exercise, you’re moving the body and you’re getting some quality time with the Mrs. Having a nice loving conversation.

Aaron: There you go.

Michael: If you go out and you’re upset with each other, well then maybe you’ll start running and jogging and be a more intense lover.

Aaron: I’ll jog 20 feet ahead of her and catch up. That’s great and that’s what I think a lot of people procrastinate is obviously a major problem for anyone, the exercise, whatever it is, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do it another time. Oh, I’m too busy” It’s all about not procrastinating and taking action, also is what I’m hearing on your side. I think that separates a lot of people who are very successful. Although you work with very high level, very successful people; CEOs, business owners, the upper echelon of society that owns a lot of wealth.

I guess motivation, isn’t always the problem, they get up and work hard. Well, what do you find is often the challenge with that level of success that we’re all trying to obtain? You find people in that area that are still dissatisfied with life. What are some of the suggestions you give to people on that level that are still dissatisfied with life?

Michael: The thing is most people are focusing on results and actions, “Oh, I got to take these actions. These are the actions I have to take to get the results that I want in my life.” You really have to go beneath that. It’s all about what you’re speaking into this world. Anything that has been created was spoken, and so I see myself being healthy, and I see myself being healthy and strong. I see myself going for the walk. I see myself doing five pushups a day. I see myself eating healthy foods, high-quality foods. I see myself– so you’re speaking it out into the universe and then you have to have a clear view. How are you speaking? How are you seeing your life? What picture do you have of your life?

It’s not just the action. Whatever I’m thinking about, I really need to start thinking about what do I want and become very clear with that. Most people are not clear with what they want, and they’re not being real with themselves and so they’re focusing on the wrong things. With these high-net-worth type of people I work with, and just with all people, but even these people who have all the money, the toys, the status they’re some of the most unhappiest people on the planet. Everyone has stinking thinking. I had a mentor way back when he was talking and he’s like “Wouldn’t it be cool if any time somebody had stinking thinking going on, their negative thoughts you can say, ‘Oh, you need a CD man, hey listen to this CD or go read this book.'”

It was pretty funny, like the way he was describing it is like you got these things you thought, so listen to the CD and get your mind right. It’s all about mindset. Someone like myself can come in and your thinking, really mess with your thinking because somebody could be reaching a certain level of success, but they’re also frustrated and annoyed and angry with a lot of other areas of their life because they don’t have the right thinking for it. I can come in mess with their thinking and give them new ways of thinking to elevate their performance. To take them from where they were to where they want them to go because their current thinking is stopping them from going there.

It’s very important to have coaches, to have mentors, people who have more awareness. There’s this 32% rule; 32% of the time you spend with people below you so you can pull them up. It’s not that you’re better than them, but you’re more aware, you know more things, you have more wisdom than they do, so you pull them up to your level. 32% of the time, you stick with people who are on your level. These could be your friends and people you’re associating with regularly, and then the other 32% you spend with people that are above you, light years ahead of you, that can pull you up. It really comes down to are people willing to invest in themselves?

I talked with another gentleman earlier this

morning, and lots of challenges, lots of struggles and has a beautiful practice. He’s an attorney doing very well, wealthy. He’s got a nice beautiful relationship with his wife, beautiful kids, beautiful house, beautiful everything but he’s broke. He’s broken internally. He’s not taking care of himself as far as his mental, emotional and spiritual health so he’s been very unhappy for the last 10 of the 20 years he’s been practicing. I’m like, “Well, that’s not good.” He’s 47 and I’m like, “You’re not even at halftime of your game.” Every 25 years is a quarter of your game of life. I’m like, “You’re not even at halftime and teams have been down l24 nothing and come back when– the game’s not over.

You have a lot of life left to live, and he was not wanting to invest in himself, but he’ll go invest in a toy. I helped him to understand how much better his life could be or where is your life going to be in another 10 years from now if you don’t do anything about this? His word was, “I’m going to be really bitter.” You already are.

Aaron: That leads me to my next question really, work-life balance. I got married last year. We’re looking at having kids now. I run a business. There’s a lot of moving pieces. I have employees. I have business partners. I have investors. We’re buying multi-million-dollar assets so I work a lot. There’s a lot of stress as well. What do you suggest to someone like me who is going to have to start making more time for family, and also figure out that work-life balance just to keep life fun and interesting, and not just be running a real estate investment company day in and day out, and actually just enjoy life as well to the fullest? How do you find that work-life balance?

Michael: It’s really important because most of these guys that come to me, they’re so focused on money and work. That’s all they really are caring about and they’re neglecting their spiritual connection. They’re neglecting their relationships and they’re neglecting their health. For example, you were talking to me about your health. It’s common because growing up and in society, the ego makes us believe we are the things that we have, and the title that we have and the money that we have. All this false information that’s being set to us and it’s low-quality info. Most people are struggling because they’re operating on lower poor-quality information, lack of self-awareness.

When you can give high-quality information to people in every area of your life, it’s so important that you focus on connecting spiritually, and focusing on your relationships. You as a man needs to have a very strong loving relationship with his wife. That’s the most important relationship that you can have on this planet. She’s number one. On top of that is God, creator, [unintelligible 00:13:07] whatever you want to call it. You have this triangle so when you’re both going towards this light, this energy, the source and being that for one another inspiring, empowering, encouraging, it’s important.

A lot of men and they are in really tough awful relationships, cheating on one another, being deceitful for one another, “Don’t tell him I have this million dollars, but I want to put it away over here. I don’t want him to know about it,” or “I have this five million” or “I have this hundred million put it over, I don’t want her to know about it.” I hear these stories and it’s really not healthy, and it’s also not healthy to invest all of your time in the professional part. You’re not going to be on your deathbed if you make it that far, if we all make it that far because who knows how long we’re here. If we do make it to the death bed, most people are like, “I wish I could have done this. I wish I would have done that.”

It’s too late. This is not a dress rehearsal. This life we’re in it’s a real game we’re in right now but you do have to have balance. You do need to be doing what you love, loving what you’re doing, but you also have to make time for what’s most important, which is your children, which is for you and your wife. That way you can get to have children. A lot of times wives are like, “No, I don’t want to have kids because he’s never home. What kind of a father is he going to be if he’s never here?” I hear that all the time too. There’s nothing wrong with working because obviously we need to work. We need to generate revenue, but at the same time, I need to spend quality time in the relationship part of my life.

It’s not just business relationships. Let me spend quality time with her. Let me go for a walk. Let me take her for a nice dinner. Let me go for a staycation, go stay at a hotel somewhere for the night somewhere nice. It’s little, simple productive actions and repeating consistently over time compound, and that brings great reward. A lot of people are neglecting their relationships. They’re using people and valuing money instead of valuing people and using money.

Aaron: I should write that down, valuing people and using money. You’re right because money is just a tool. Money is something that is just a commodity really at the end of the day, and we use it to trade for goods and services, and that’s great. It’s a nice thing to have. It makes life easier to live comfortably than not having money, of course. It makes your life a little more secure and safe, but at the same time, too much money can complicate things as well. I know a lot of wealthy people that are not happy. It’s funny in the real estate industry you have all these gurus saying the harder you work the better you are.

If you’re not working crazy hours, you’re not a successful entrepreneur. I’m thinking “No, what success is to me is being able to actually not work and have that passive income, have enough forms of passive income, and enough of infrastructure in your business that you can step away for a week or two, and then go on a nice vacation with your family or longer.” It’s so interesting that success, it’s such a vague word. What success is to you, what it is to me might be something completely different, but I also worry that a lot of these gurus out there, these people teaching success it’s like, “The harder you work the less available you are, the more successful you are.”

That’s really not what I think at all. The more available you can be to the people that matter in your life that means the more successful you are, and those are the people that I’ve connected with. You were talking about networking a 30-year time with people who have less wisdom than you. A 30-year time people that are equal with your finance and wisdom level, and a 30-year time with people in a higher level than that. What I’m finding is a lot of the people that I put up to that third level were actually developing lifestyles that I wouldn’t enjoy, a 60, 70, 80-hour workweek. They might drive a nicer car and live in a bigger house and have more followers on social media but at the end of the day, holy crap, I don’t want to be stuck in a position where I work 80 hours a week just to maintain my level of success.

That’s not success to me. I started building different role models and finding people that have hundreds of real estate units and multi-million dollars of wealth, and they work 15 or 20 hours a week, and they focus on water skiing the rest of the time. Whoa, you meet those people you’re like, “That’s cool. That’s success to me. Forget the guy driving the nicest BMW who can’t even–” I set up a call it’s like, “Oh I could do Sunday afternoons, the only time I have that’s free. You’re like, “Okay, well.” How successful can you be the only time I can connect with you is Sunday afternoon [laughs]?

I’ve found that there’s really a difference in what you define success as. I think as a younger man, I thought success is driving a Ferrari and being so busy. You’re not available for people but I’ve come full circle and recognized, yes, the Ferrari is cool and all but I’d rather be able to have enough wealth and passive income so I can be available whenever I really want to be and have the right infrastructure in place. That’s what I’ve come to recognize. What do you think about that?

Michael: There’s nothing wrong with having nice things, nice toys. It’s our birthright to be prosperous. It’s a sin to actually be in poverty, and a lot of people have poverty mentalities. Having the toys, having nice things, those are things that are earned but they don’t define you. Success is different like you said. Everybody can think of it differently, but the way I look at it is when you have something that you truly love, it’s an obsession, something you can’t live without. There’s definiteness of purpose, this is definitely what I want to do. Spiritually, this is definitely what I want to do with my relationships. This is definitely what I want to do with my health. This is definitely what I want to do with my profession.

This is definitely what I want to do financially. All these areas of my life, this is definite and I’m obsessed with it. It’s a love affair because I love it because I’m doing what I love and loving what I do, that’s success. If I’m working on the things that are a worthy

ideal, that’s success. For me, it’s not having all the toys. Again, like you said, a lot of times people will say to me, “Wow, you work with these clients and they’re very wealthy, and they’re doing really well and you’re helping them even become more successful. Wow, that’s really successful.”

I’m like, “Well, but they weren’t necessarily like that when they came to me. Yes, they came to me with the toys, but they came to me with cheating on wives or their girlfriends. Or they came to me not taking care of their house and just neglecting their kids, and being depressed, and getting on drugs, and filing bankruptcy, having suicidal thoughts and just have a lot of negative things.” They’re like, “Really? Like “I wouldn’t think that. They’re so wealthy, they look so successful.” I’m like, “That’s just what you’re seeing on the cover.”

Aaron: I was trying to read a story, I remember I met some very high-powered successful attorney one time and had a few drinks at the bar with him, and got to learn a lot about his life. He pretty much talked about how much he cheats on his wife with all these different women. I’m sitting there and I just married Diana at the time and I’m thinking to myself like, “This guy I had so much more respect for him before I figured out who he was, and listened to words coming out of his mouth.” They say never meet your heroes. It’s not like he was my hero or anything, but I recognized this guy is a piece of trash.

Michael: Totally.

Aaron: He’s a piece of trash. That’s all he is.

Michael: Well, it’s also not good to talk like that, but these men– I had someone who came to me just last week and we were talking. This is a married man, and I was going to make a referral for him to talk with this woman, a business referral, not a personal one. He’s like, “Well no, that really wouldn’t be in my wheelhouse.” We compete. I didn’t know that, but we compete in our industries, and I was like, “No problem, I won’t make the connection.” He was like, “She does have a sexy pair of legs.” There’s something wrong with that statement coming out of a married man talking about another woman.

The person who referred him to me told me he has a lot of problems with his marriage. I can see why. It’s on full display. I’m not doing anything with him. When he said that I just, I don’t know, it just came off wrong and there’s some people that you can help them, you try to talk to them about helping them, but they just think that their stuff doesn’t stink. Just because they have money, they can treat you a certain way and they can get away with certain things. When they’re alone in the dark, they’re very lonely, they’re very upset, depressed, sad people.

Aaron: I don’t know how you can be morally bankrupt and live a happy life, I don’t think you can. There’s so many– like you were saying the clock behind me it’s a good example of five categories. What are those five categories again that you focus on?

Michael: Spiritual, relationships, health, profession, and financial. There’s an exercise I do it’s called The Balanced Wheel. I just said use the clock because it’s behind you so people could see it as a circle. If you were to draw a circle like that on a piece of paper, and you were to draw five pie pieces’ so the top of the circle, the top V which would basically on your clock from 11 down to the middle and then back up to the one area is your top triangle or your top pie piece, that would be spiritual. The top-right piece would be relationships, and then the bottom right piece would be your health, and then the bottom left piece would be a profession, and in the top left piece would be financial.

If the middle of the wheel is the zero, being the least fulfilled you are, and the outer edge of the wheel is the 10, being the most fulfilled you are, how fulfilled are you in all five of these areas? I go around these with my clients, and I start to discover where they’re unfulfilled. If I say how fulfilled are you spiritually, am I really connected and believe in that? They’re zero. Or somebody might be saying, “I’m very connected.” Well, say I’m a nine, I’m like, “Okay, good.” and then help relationship-wise, I might be like a five. Health they might be a six or they might be a seven, they might be a nine, it just depends on who I’m talking to.

You just have to go around the wheel, and then you draw whatever the number is you start to trace now a new outer edge which is going to be imbalanced. If that was the new wheel that you were traveling down the road, the highway to happy city, it’s not a happy ride, it’s a bumpy ride. Most people are having a bumpy ride right now and that’s only because they’re not paying attention to every area of their life. They’re only focusing mainly on work and money.

Aaron: Absolutely, absolutely. As you were describing that wheel, I was thinking to myself, “Probably an eight there, a nine there. I’m very happy with my relationships, my spirituality, my business as well. I’m challenged by it, I love what I do, I have a passion for it. Finance, I’m building that point.” Are you ever satisfied financially? I realize, health-wise. Health is my lowest score on that wheel. I give myself probably a three or four health-wise. I think it’s the thing that goes last, my personal exercise and getting out of the house and getting some fresh air.

I do get out with the yard work through the weekend, but I really should get back to exercising at least– I used to do yoga every morning, I want to get back to that. This conversation has encouraged me to get back into yoga, a little meditation in the morning, get your head right. I stopped doing that once the Corona happened, and I really need to get back into that so I’m going to work on that. Absolutely.

Michael: Well, make the distinction of where you are now in your life, and by adding yoga back into the mix, make the distinction of where you’ll be a week from now, or where you’ll be a month from now, or where you’ll be six months from now or a year from now. It just takes simple productive action that’s all. A lot of people don’t want to do these simple steps. If you’re having trouble with your health, it could affect your relationships, it could affect what you’re doing with work, it could affect your money. If you’re having trouble with work it affects– everything is connected on the wheel. There’s no separation.

If we’re neglecting any area of the wheel, you’re not producing at a higher level. If you think of a high-performance vehicle are you operating like a Lamborghini, or you operating like a 1970 broke down Volkswagen bug? It’s your choice. There’s a difference in how these vehicles are managed, maintained, serviced, and detailed. There’s a lot of attention to detail. You take a performance Formula One racecar. Such a high performing vehicle, and then you got to remember we created those high-performance vessels.

Aaron: Very cool.

Michael: Those vessels are not even as high performing as us. We’re beyond any of these vehicles. You think of an aircraft carrier or a nuclear submarine, these are some amazing high-performance vehicles, but they come nowhere close to how high performing we are. We created, we’re the ones who built those things and thought of those things. If you think about the attention to detail that you must put into yourself to perform at a high level, and to be able to stay at that level to win in this game of life, you think of the high-performance racecar when it comes into the pit, how many seconds does it take for them to get in and out of the pit?

Aaron: 20, 30.

Michael: No way. No way.

Aaron: Not even-

Michael: Two to six seconds.

Aaron: Two to six seconds? Man, I’m not a fan, you could tell. You’re right, they are so quick. That’s crazy. There’s so quick at that. That’s part of the sport, how fast can you change out the tires and I’m more of a motocross guy myself.

Michael: You take that no matter what the problem is, change of tires, there’s a leak in one of the gas leaks, or there’s something going on with the vehicle. The vehicle comes in, they want to get it back on the track. A tire change that takes two seconds. Boom, right back on the track. If it’s something else it might take eight, nine seconds. That’s it. It’s like it’s a very quick we have to have this car back on the track. That’s the only way it’s going to win the race. We can’t afford for it to just sit here for 30 seconds because if the other cars going to come around the track and passes us, now if we start getting laps behind, that’s going to make it even more difficult for us to win this race. It’s still possible but we’re just making it more hard on ourselves.

Aaron: Sure.

Michael: It’s a constant [makes noises] to yourself like, “Where am I lacking?” Oh, it’s my health issues? Oh, I have mental issues. I have stuff I need to address with the business. It’s stuff I need to address with my relationship. It’s a matter of making these adjustments as quickly as possible so you can stay on the fast track of this successful game of life where you’re winning. Stop drifting and started winning. People are drifting because they have no definiteness of purpose, no definite plan, so they’re drifters.

Aaron: Yes, especially with everything going on it. Sometimes, it feels like people are drifting, and not setting the right goals and staying motivated with that. Definitely,

I know you can help with that. Yes, go on.

Michael: 98% of the people in the world are drifters. Less than 2% of people out there are non-drifters. Very clear, very real, and focused on their goals and dreams, and yes, they’re challenged, but they’re so focused on the thoughts, they’re speaking it out into this universe exactly what they want. When they’re going through tough times they’re not saying, Oh, my God why is this happening to me, and this is horrible.” No, no. All right. I get that I’m going through this, but I see myself leading myself through this with high colors, with flying colors. I see myself staying calm. I see myself staying focused and relaxed and patient and tolerant because I know it takes patience and common tolerance for me to be successful in this game of life.

I know I’m going to be challenged. I know I’m going to go through obstacles, but it’s through those challenges and obstacles, through those challenges and obstacles is what I have to focus on. Not focused on what I’m going through but focusing on what I’m going to. I’m going to something, so I’m going to having a healthier body. I’m not going to focus on what I’m going through, “Oh, my goodness like I’m crazy I did five push-ups and I’m already tired.” Don’t focus on what you’re going through, just focus on what you’re going to. I’m going to be healthy and strong that’s who I’ll be. I see myself being healthy and strong. I see myself with stamina, strength, and endurance and just fit and lean and just more energy. I’m just adding years to my life, life to my years. You see I’m speaking it to the world that’s how it’s created.

Aaron: Manifesting it. No, I like that. I like that a lot.

Michael: Well, you’re creating it. You’re being the creator.

Aaron: It’s all about mindset. It’s all about attitude. Also, my failures have completely made me and given me the character to build to the next level of my business than my successes. I’ve done 250, 300 real estate transactions. Boy, I couldn’t even tell you about the six– I could probably tell you half a dozen of the successful ones that stick out of my mind. I couldn’t even tell you most of them, they’ve just come and gone. They’re just a number on a sheet, but I could definitely tell you about the ones I lost money on, and I could tell you how I did that, and why I did that and what I learned. I can count those mostly on two hands, I’d say as well.

It’s really about those challenges that you fight through that you keep that positive mindset. Of course, there’s always doubts. Of course, there’s always fears, but holy mackerel, if we didn’t have those challenges Seth and I, together, we wouldn’t be the team we are right now. We wouldn’t have made those changes, maybe fired those people, hired the right people, improved our infrastructure. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the failures and the losses which are few and far between, but certainly happen in real estate. Luckily, we got them out of our system on smaller pieces in the beginning, building our infrastructure.

It’s always funny, my wife and I would we trade that for a perfect never having a challenge? No, life’s not like that, and I wouldn’t trade those challenges for successes because I think that I’ve learned 10 times from them, and built 10 times the character from those experiences. I agree with that 100%. All right, Michael, this has been great. How can people reach out to you to learn more about your high-level coaching service and where can they find you?

Michael: They just email me,

Aaron: Great. All right, say that one more time?

Michael: Michael, M-I-C-H-A-E-L

Aaron: Great. We’ll put your contact information there in the show notes as well. That’s it for today. My name is Aaron Fragnito. I’m your host here the Passive Cash Flow Podcast. If you want to learn more about how we work with passive investors to buy apartment buildings like the one you see behind me here, you can go to That’s our website, where you can learn more about our company, check out other podcast episodes. If you feel like it’s a fit for your investment needs, fill out an application to learn more. That’s it for today. Thank you so much for joining us, and we’ll conclude it here. Have a good day. Thank you.

Aaron Fragnito

Aaron Fragnito

Aaron has been helping people invest in Real Estate for over 10 years. He is a Co-Founder of Peoples Capital Group (PCG) a real estate investment and holding company. He is a full time real estate investor, as well as, the host of the New Jersey Real Estate Network and host of the Passive Cash Flow Podcast. Aaron has previously completed over 100 real estate transactions as a realtor and another 150 transactions in his current role as a real estate investor.

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