There is a wrong and a right way to invest in apartment complexes depending on your available time and experience. In this episode, Aaron Fragnito explains why some people decide to do it all themselves and others decide to hire professionals. Investing in apartment complexes can be extremely lucrative if done properly. However, real estate is a very management intensive asset so one must understand who and how the building will be managed. Before you commit your hard earned capital to an apartment complex, listen to this episode of the Passive Cash Flow Podcast to determine the right strategy for your goals.





00:00 Intro

01:36 Investing in Apartment Complexes

05:01 Forced property appreciation

07:31 How to successfully invest in apartment buildings

11:22 Become a syndicator

15:26 How much can you make investing in apartment buildings

18:34 Three levels of due diligence

This is not a solicitation for funds, tax advice, or legal advice. This is not intended to be, and must not be construed to be in any form or manner a solicitation of investment funds or a securities offering. Peoples Capital Group LLC is NOT a United States Securities Dealer or Broker nor U. S. Investment Adviser is a Consultant/service provider and makes no warranties or representations as to the listener or viewer. All due diligence is the responsibility of the investor.

Aaron Fragnito

Aaron Fragnito

Aaron has been helping people invest in Real Estate for over 10 years. He is a Co-Founder of Peoples Capital Group (PCG) a real estate investment and holding company. He is a full time real estate investor, as well as, the host of the New Jersey Real Estate Network and host of the Passive Cash Flow Podcast. Aaron has previously completed over 100 real estate transactions as a realtor and another 150 transactions in his current role as a real estate investor.

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