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Have you ever wondered how people qualify for multi million dollar commercial mortgages?

It’s not because they have millions of dollars in their checking account (although that doesn’t hurt), it’s based on mostly the asset itself! However, many other factors play a role in a bank’s decision to lend.

Mortgage specialist Richard Alam and real estate investor Aaron Fragnito team up in this open Q & A to teacah how you can qualify for a multi million dollar mortgage and buy an apartment building.

There are a number of challenges when acquiring a large commercial loan and experience plays a roll in the banks decision but in this live Q & A, Rich and Aaron will teach:

1. How people qualify for a multi million dollar loan
2. What banks focus on when unerwriting a large asset
3. The best strategies to get approved for commercial loans
4. How borrowers are pivoting with rising interest rates

Bring your quesitons as this live Q & A will be open to questions from viewers and we love questions!

Even if you prefer passive investing, this Q & A will explain how operators acquire these large scale mortgages successfully which is important to know even for passive investors!

This is not a soliciation for funds, tax advice or legal advice.

Aaron Fragnito

Aaron Fragnito

Aaron has been helping people invest in Real Estate for over 10 years. He is a Co-Founder of Peoples Capital Group (PCG) a real estate investment and holding company. He is a full time real estate investor, as well as, the host of the New Jersey Real Estate Network and host of the Passive Cash Flow Podcast. Aaron has previously completed over 100 real estate transactions as a realtor and another 150 transactions in his current role as a real estate investor.

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