Why Doctors Love Peoples Capital Group

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

In this episode of the Passive Cash Flow Podcast, co owner of Peoples Capital Group Aaron

Fragnito explains why doctors love PCG. If you are a high earner and looking to pay less taxes and build your real estate wealth, this episode is for you!

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Aaron Fragnito: Hello listeners, and welcome back to the Passive Cash Flow Podcast. I'm your host, Aaron Fragnito, co-owner of Peoples Capital Group. This is episode number 31. Today, we're going to talk about why doctors love PCG, and how our tax strategy here at PCG is really favored towards higher earners, such as doctors.


Aaron: Okay listeners, so here at the Passive Cash Flow Podcast, we like to explain why we do things, not just how we do things. One of the reasons that we focus on buying multifamily properties, making them more profitable, and then refinancing them and splitting up that capital from the refinance to all of our investors is because it's a tax strategy. It's really just a way to keep more of your money, and give less of it to the government. That's our goal really at the end of the day for anyone who's trying to earn strong returns with their capital, and get their money working harder for them.

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