What is the social impact of Real Estate investing?

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Real estate is more than just property, it affects the entire economy. Not only can responsible land lords have a positive impact on their community, but the fruits of our labor can be used for incredible good! Find out how today on the Passive Cash Flow Podcast. The Passive Cash Flow Podcast is for beginner or experienced investors. Learn how you can diversify out of the stock market, own a part of an apartment building & start earning Passive Cash Flow!

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Aaron Fragnito: All right ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Passive Cash Flow Podcast episode number 11 here. We're going to talk about the social impact of real estate investing. It's very important these days for companies to be socially aware, environmentally aware. The corporate America is changing its way. It's not just about how much money you make for your shareholders and your investors anymore, that's obviously very important to us operators and entrepreneurs. But what's even more important today do a lot of investors, well, besides making a good return of course, is making sure you have a positive social impact on the world around you, on your local neighborhood, on your country, on your world, on your environment. Here at PCG we try to work that into our day to day model and we're going to break into how we have a positive social impact on our neighborhood and our country and our world. We're going to see how real estate investing does that, how important it is. Actually real estate is such a big asset class, it's the biggest thing we spend our money on, it's the biggest asset class around us. It's so important that real estate operators are socially and environmentally aware. We're going to talk about how we could do that. Guys, you want to learn more how you can participate in an upcoming investment with People's Capital Group, go to to learn more. We buy a new apartment building almost every three to four months with passive investors here all over the country, but we focus on New Jersey apartment buildings. Let's talk about some of the things we do. We buy a building, we're often buying buildings that are mismanaged. These buildings for whatever reason they become managed by slumlords really and the landlords are not taking care of the buildings the right way, they're not responding to the tenants calls, they're not keeping the area clean and safe. Because of that you have all different types of people moving in, some people selling drugs, causing problems, cops called to the area, and this causes a rough environment where families don't want to live and families don't feel safe. Then more bad apples move in and before you know it, the neighborhood has lots of drug dealers and lots of issues. Now, we try to buy buildings that are mismanaged, not so much that they're destroyed but they are little mismanaged and we could take them and improve the management, make them safe environments, clean environment, smell nice, be happy living there, be proud to live there and bring back a pride of ownership to these tenants. I know they're renting but you want a pride of ownership when you live in your apartment building when you bring your friends over, when you show your building. That's important when you're living in a building, to be proud of that building even as a renter. We make sure that people are happy and safe in their homes their, in their apartments that we buy. Because of that we improve the values, we improve the neighborhood, we improve the crime there, there's less people selling drugs, there's less crime, there's less theft, there's less even murder. If you improve neighborhoods, you can start to change the amount of crime that's in the neighborhood just by making it a more desirable place to live, and that includes better management and improvements physical, improvements in the building, financial investment in the building to make that a better building. As you're building improves, buildings around you ideally improve as well. Not only do we improve neighborhoods and make them safer to live in but we also try to create jobs while doing this. I've been told for every house you sell, you create half a job, I think it is. Every two houses you create a job or and maybe it's even more than that but we work with mortgage brokers and realtors and home inspectors and we have contractors, we have guys that clean the buildings. We have everyone from A to Z that we work with and we spend a lot of money on all these services, we buy tons of products and wood and doorknobs and toilets and we're always investing in local harbor stores, we try to work with local contractors as well. As well a lot of our contractors actually live in those cities, they hire day laborers in those cities, they hire people looking for work in those cities. People that when you go to Home Depot that need work. Sometimes we can help those people out and give them work for the day and give them fair pay. That's something, that's a benefit to treat those day laborers in the right way, treat people looking for work, getting started in this country. Just trying to make some money, help them with the American dream, help them make some money every day with their hard work, feel good about themselves by the end of the day, get a nice decent pay, know they're working for a company that's going to pay them okay. We have subcontractors that may hire a day laborer. It's important that we everyone all up and down the spectrum. We also work with very established development companies and builders who have of course large payrolls as well. Here we have Lena doing the property management, we have Seth also, we have tons of independent contractors we work with. We really do hire a lot of people, we create jobs, we move money through the market, we buy products and tons of services to run our business and manage our buildings. Because of that we help move the world's economy. Real