How happy are PCG investors? Part 2

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Investing in NJ commercial real estate properties takes a lot of education to avoid losing money. At Peoples Capital Group, investors learn from Aaron Fragnito and Seth Martinez. Hear how this investor made his first million.

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Aaron: All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Cash Flow Podcast. We have a guest here today Gercino Soares, say hi, Gerry.

Gerry: How's it going?

Aaron: Oh my gosh. I've known Gerry for years now. He was introduced to me to a good friend of mine. Gerry and I did a flip together years ago. As a passive investor Gerry brought in the capital. We did the work here, Peoples Capital Group, we made a nice profit on it. By the way, guys, go to learn more about how you can get invested passively in our properties and upcoming projects.

Let's jump into it guys. As you know, we work with a number of passive investors here. Gerry, talk a little bit about your journey. I know you've been working become a young millionaire yourself and build wealth. Gerry's actually taken our learner program a little bit and actually developed a very awesome real estate investment company now. That's I think he's a millionaire. I'm pretty sure Gerry's a millionaire. I think he wrote that on Facebook. Once it's on Facebook, it's legit. Absolutely. Gerry, what sparked your interest into real estate?

Gerry: I caught myself a lot just watching those HGTV shows, to be honest. I say that as corny as that sounds and I feel that such a generic answer to a question like that, but that is the truth. Growing up I remember just spending hours watching those shows and then starting to get a realization that these people, if you really look into them, they're just regular people that are just doing these amazing things. It made me realize it's just a matter of getting started.

Just not watching anymore and just action. That's when I met you through Art, I believe at the time. Aaron was big into real estate. These were back in our party days. We had lots of hangout times. We would always talk and get deep with what we were doing. I saw the opportunity with what he was doing. That's when I decided I said, "Aaron, I want to do something together." He introduced me to this. We got together on a property in-- It was Lake Hopatcong-

Aaron: Lake Hopatcong.