How happy are PCG investors? Part 1

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

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Aaron: All right, everybody, Aaron Fragnito here at the Passive Cash Flow podcast. We have some investors here. Roy here who has invested with Peoples Capital Group for a number of years.

Risha here who is his wife.

Risha: Partner.

Roy: Partner.

Aaron: Partner, and we are going to talk about how they invest with Peoples Capital Group and just real estate investing in general. We're going to have some fun today. Remember guys so you can go for more information learn about what we do. All right, why did you start investing in real estate, Roy?

Roy: Risha and I were looking at our future, and we have investments in the stock market and 2008 happened to everyone. We just didn't think it was where we wanted to put our trust and we believed in real estate. History says real estate is the way to go. We decided to start looking for a property just like that. Let's try to get a property, rental property something we get started with. We did. Then we also wanted to educate ourselves, and we started listening to different podcasts, so what you're doing here.

Aaron: Cool.

Roy: Then we learned about meetups and things like that and we branched out.

Aaron: Nice. I think we met at one of our meetups?