Nick Tang Explains How He Packs the House

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Nick Tang has an amazing story, escaping communist Vietnam as a child to learning things the hard way as a budding entrepreneur. Today Nick hosts one of the largest networking groups in the NYC metro area hosting multiple large summits per year. Aaron tells the story of how Nick helped him get started 10 years prior with his first box of "We Buy Houses" signs, Nick explains his past party business, how to fill a room and much more.

0:00 Intro

0:38 Aaron's first box of We Buy Houses signs

1:00 How Nick and Aaron met

2:49 Who's paying the phone bill

4:41 Escaping communism

7:27 Nick's party business

8:21 The key to success

10:04 Outsourcing

12:17 Don't just jump into education

14:56 Nick's secret to events

20:48 How to provide content

23:07 content creation help

27:41 contact Nick Tang

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