Mike Lorence on Why to Invest in Local Properties

Updated: May 7

Voted Top 40 under 40 in North America Private Equity / M&A industry, Dr. Mike is a multifamily investor, professional speaker, capital raiser, podcaster, and Marine Corps disabled vet. He is the author of Effortless, Tax-Efficient, Monthly Cash Flow, and host of the Florida Multifamily Investing Show.


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Dr. Mike Lorence: We're working on a one right now. It's a $27 million transaction and Tampa market is pretty competitive. There's about 1,000 people a day moving to Florida, that has been accelerated by the pandemic. The joke is when you go to the grocery store here, pretty much what you hear is a New Yorker yelling down the hallway to his wife in a Brooklyn accent. That's what you hear at the grocery store.