IRA Alternatives - NJ Apartment Buildings

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Your IRA does not have to be invested in the volatile stock market. You can self direct your IRA into professionally managed, cash flowing real estate in high demand markets such as Northern New Jersey. In this episode Aaron explains exactly how to self direct your IRA into cash flowing real estate. Also, learn tricks of the trade to make sure your IRA grows faster and has more predictable returns than the stock market.

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Aaron Fragnito: Hi, passive investors. It's Aaron Fragnito with Peoples Capital Group, one of the founders here in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. We focus on investing in Class B and C apartment buildings and working with passive investors to do so. About a third of our investors self-direct their IRA into real estate. I'm going to talk to you briefly today about how to take your IRA, maybe it's in the stock market going up and down and up and down, maybe it's been controlled by another entity where you're not even sure what industries it's supporting or what it's really doing right now or what the value is, and take that IRA, take control of it and move it into tangible cash flowing apartment buildings, or real estate, in general.

We focus on buying apartment buildings in high demand markets here in North Jersey. That's perhaps something you could do with your real estate to build it stronger. It's not a way to pull from your IRA sooner. It's not a way to cheat the tax code, but it is a way to grow that IRA. We're going to explain that in depth today in this brief video, here with Peoples Capital Group. Also, be sure to hit that subscribe button, because we come out with a new video every week with real estate investment tips. Let's break into it here.

First step in self-directing your IRA is working with an IRA custodian. An IRA custodian, there's over 60 of them. Their prices do fluctuate a little bit so you want to make sure you're working with an IRA custodian that fits your needs. For the most part, though, their job is to take your IRA from wherever it is, say it's with Merrill Lynch right now, and you want to have your IRA custodian, once you select the right one to work with, and once you choose that IRA custodian, they're going to contact, say, Merrill Lynch where your IRA is now, for example, and then that company will move the IRA over to the IRA custodian that you've decided to work wit