Will there be another pandemic?

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Find out today on the Passive Cash Flow Podcast with this prestigious interview with Dr. Gordon Chiu! Part II of this incredible interview with Dr. Gordon will focus on Predictions for the next pandemic, the best real estate to buy to be prepared for the next pandemic, and how to level up! Dr. Chiu actively tutors in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math and ACT/SAT. Gordon was born in New York and grew up in northern New Jersey. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute summa cum laude in Chemistry. For his Master’s in Chemistry, while working full-time at Merck, he traded the opportunity for a multi-year program at Columbia University for a three semester program at Seton Hall University. He didn’t have to pay the bridge tolls or get stuck in traffic! None of this mattered much after he got a full scholarship from the National Institutes of Health for an MD/PhD program. He focused on dermatology research. Four years later, Gordon got another two scholarships and formally completed a doctoral degree in Natural medicine and a doctorate in business. Right after school, Gordon was chosen as “doctor” for numerous skincare brands including representing Demi Moore’s skincare event in Asia. Today, Gordon has a young family, a wife and two daughters under the age of 5. Gordon is a prolific inventor with over 31 filed patents during his tenure in the corporate world. Ultimately, though, he decided to ditch the trappings of corporate America in order to spend more time teaching and motivating youth to discover their passions and pursue them with the same kinds of successes he has had– an experience he finds more rewarding, dynamic, and even, at times, more challenging than figuring out the material science, chemical, and medical applications of graphene. He has over fifteen years of combined, in-depth, university school relationships (ranging from Berkeley, Cornell, MIT, and Northwestern to National University of Singapore, NYU, Rutgers, and Waterloo). He has also taught at the EF Academy and Horace Mann. He has been featured on Princeton TV as a super-tutor! The Passive Cash Flow Podcast is for beginner or experienced investors. Learn how you can diversify out of the stock market, own a part of an apartment building & start earning Passive Cash Flow! Peoples Capital Group has been helping passive investors build wealth in NJ real estate for 10 years. Visit to find out if you qualify to start earning passive income and pay less taxes via investing in real estate. IRA's and 401K's are accepted. -- #NJRealEstateInvesting #AaronFragnito #PassiveCashFlow #PCG


Aaron Fragnito: Hello, ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the passive cash flow podcast. I'm your host, Aaron Fragnito, co-owner of People's Capital Group and this is a continuation of an interview with Dr. Gordon Chiu. Just an amazing guest here we've had in the Passive Cash Flow podcast. This is part two of three. This part we're going to focus on predictions for future pandemics and how to prepare for them, ways to prevent future pandemics like we've seen here with the Coronavirus, and the best real estate to buy for this newer business environment we are in with pandemics. We're going to break into this. We're also going to talk about leveling up your game and working with people that can bring you to the next level in business and investment. Without further ado, here is part two of our interview with Dr. Gordon Chiu.

Dr. Gordon Chiu: Now, I've also mentioned because you mention technology, in my other interviews, I mentioned about how in 2016 we were drilling in the North and South pole. We were drilling for oil, but we were also drilling for materials. You know what we discovered, we found that in Antarctica, especially, if you type in CNN Antarctica, space those two words so that it's not one word. What you'll find is that there'll be an article in April that showed the world how we drilled in the South pole. We found that underneath the South hole was actually a rain forest.

Aaron: What?

Dr. Chiu: Yes, rain forest. This is CNN and also, it's documented in Nature, top scientific journal in the world so this is not hocus-pocus stuff. What happens is, we found that that's the case, and in order to find that we actually drilled many meters deep, 50 meters, 100 meters. We did course railings into the earth and we found this when we pulled it out, we pulled out periods of time. It was in the ice. We're pulling out prehistoric viruses and bacteria and pulling them out and they got into the air and they traveled. It's not just like it travels from one location or anything, it travels everywhere and it's not just one country doing it.