How to find the right short term rental property

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

In this episode, Aaron Fragnito and his partner Diana Brown visit a current Peoples Capital Group short term rental property located in Vermont that is currently being renovated. Aaron and Diana explain how the property was structured with passive investors, the plan for the next round of purchases and how the market is reacting to rural short term rentals. Listen in to learn how passive investors earn strong cash flow, equity growth and a free vacation week by investing in short term rental properties with Peoples Capital Group.


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Diana Fragnito: When you're going on vacation, what do you want different? You don't want more of the same. I think that you made a good point about if you're going through Massachusetts, you're going through New York, whichever way you go, you can tell. The trees are different. You can tell the roads are different. It's different. How far will you go for something fresh?


Aaron Fragnito: Ladies and gentlemen. We are here at 391 Heald. There's construction going on in the basement. We're building a bathroom in the bedroom, and welcome to the Passive Cash Flow podcast. We have our favorite guest, Diana Brown. Say hi, Diana.

Diana: Hi. Hi, Diana. Hi, Aaron.