How To Find, Hire and Manage the Right Contractors

Matt DiBara joins the passive cash flow podcast to explain what he has learned from quoting over 4,500 contracting jobs in his career. Construction is one of the most complicated and costly parts of real estate investing. If you don't hire and manage the right contractor from the start, you can end up spending countless money and tie fixing problems. Trust us, we learned this the hard way. Matt DiBara uses his years of experience to explain how to find the best contractors, how to get the best contractors to work for you and how to manage a project to completion so it remains on budget and schedule. Learn the tricks of the trade in one of the hardest trades in real estate.

Matt DiBara, Owner of DiBara Masonry, poured his first bag of concrete at age 9. He’s been on over 4500 appointments, and he knows exactly what to look for when hiring a contractor.

DiBara Masonry is a 4th Generation Construction company, they placed 2nd in the Country in a Brick Laying Competition, and they set the standard for ethical and transparent contracting.

You can learn more about Matt and order his book at

0:00 Intro

2:15 Undercover contractor

4:39 Tips for finding the right contractors

10:47 15 years of work

13:42 Other ways to recognize a good/bad contract

17:25 Thoughts on hiring hourly contractors

26:18 How to find a good contractor


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