How to Become an Entrepreneur

How do entrepreneurs motivate themselves to get up everyday and work hard even when things aren't working out? In this episode, Tim Oppelt explains how he went from a college kid with no real direction, stapling signs to telephone poles working for Peoples Capital Group, to owning two successful business and having TOO MUCH free time. What a problem to have! Listen to how Tim explains the emotional and mental struggles he faced motivating himself to get up everyday and work hard as he was in the trenches building his business. This is not a sugar-coated, ra ra version of entrepreneurship, this explains the real challenges that us entrepreneurs face as human beings, balancing our personal needs with the needs of our businesses.

Tim Oppelt : Real Estate Wholesaler, Google Ads Expert For Real Estate Investors, Carrot Operations Guru. Lives in San Diego, doing deals virtually in Delaware. Helping investors across the country make six-figures per year through our passive PPC marketing program.







00:00 Intro

03:13 How Tim got started

06:34 From rags to riches

08:19 How to make a good lead system?

14:05 True passive income

18:03 Online marketing company

21:21 Finding a good partner

26:55 Launching a marketing campaign

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