How do you go from Realtor to Owning Over 400 Rental Units?

Mike Morawski joins the show to explain how he went from building a Realtor team that sold 150 properties per year to creating a real estate syndication that owned over 400 units. Today he is a educator and real estate coach using his years of real estate experience to help new and experienced investors build their wealth through real estate syndication. Watch the episode to learn tips of the trade and the value of a good mentor.

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0:00 - Intro

1:21 - About Mike

5:29 - Why did Mike change to investing?

7:47 - Does Mike still sell Real Estate?

11:45 - Perspective

13:25 - Single Family vs Multi Family Housing

17:13 - How to find capital to invest?

21:30 - What is it like to throw an event during a pandemic?

24:54 - Who are the speakers at Mike's events?

27:52 - Sign up for Mike's event







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