Is it easy to passively invest in NJ commercial real estate?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

It's easy to invest in NJ multifamily real estate properties passively, and it's the best way to get a legal tax shelter, equity depreciation, and predictable quarterly returns. Peoples Capital Group structures commercial property real estate deals with an exit strategy between 3-5 years. People can choose a lump sum payout or move into another property.

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Peoples Capital Group has been helping passive investors build wealth in NJ real estate for 10 years. Visit to find out if you qualify to start earning passive income and pay less taxes via investing in real estate. IRA's and 401K's are accepted. --

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Aaron Fragnito: Hi, listeners. It's Aaron Fragnito, co-owner of People's Capital Group. Host of the Passive Cash Flow podcast. Welcome to our first podcast episode. We're going to talk today about how to make money while you sleep. That is everyone's goal, is to make your money work harder than you work. If your money isn't hustling, if your money isn't working harder than you work, then you're not doing it right. We're going to talk about how to make money while you sleep today.

We're going to go over the time value of money. We're going to talk about Warren Buffett a little bit. The value of passive cash flow, how to avoid downtime on your capital if your money is sitting in a CD or it's hardly keeping up with inflation. That's downtime on your money. We're going to talk about how to avoid that, and we're going to go over an actual investor story of how he earned a great return and continues to earn great returns. This on one building, one of our many investors.

Let's jump right into it. Let's talk about the time value of money. We buy apartment buildings here in New Jersey, we work with private and local investors. They put their money in the building, the money earns cash flow, the buildings are in cash flow buildings, offer tax depreciation, and they get a good return on their money. Their money is always at work. The investment stays, the capital stays in the investment for a number of years. The capital continues to work for them through the investment. They can keep their investment in the property indefinitely as we refinance it every few years and collect a big lump sum of cash. Enjoy the cash flow benefits quarter after quarter and the tax write offs, but their money is always working.

Our investors even if they want to exit a property, sell their shares in the LLC and get back their initial investment, that's fine. They can do that at every refinance mark. However, we want to find a place to put their money right away so we can keep their money working. Here at People's Capital we buy apartment buildings, we work with local investors, we have our own management company. We make sure people's money is always working. Our investors are consistently earning returns. When they exit out of a building we always have another building for them to go into.

Our other investors that have been investing with us for years have been able to continue keeping their money. Earning profits for them, earning tax write-offs, and we're going to talk in other episodes how your money can earn tax write-offs as well. Warren Buffett said, don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait. All right, if your money is sitting in the sidelines and you're looking for the best deal in the world or the best partners, you're trying to find that deal that's going to triple your investment overnight, well, it's really hard to find.