Attorney John Shari Discusses Operating Agreements

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Operating agreements are one of the most important legal documents to understand when investing in any company or asset. Attorney John Shari will use his years of experience in corporate law to identify the key points investors should understand when reviewing or signing an operating agreement.

In addition to representing many clients in estate planning, for over sixteen years John M. Shari, Esq. has been employed by some of the most prestigious law firms on the East Coast, representing both Fortune 500 companies and private investors in commercial real estate and business transactions. Until recently, he managed a team as lead counsel of acquisitions for one of the largest U.S. telecommunications companies in the cellular sector. As Shareholder of his Firm, John’s goal is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and estate clients to protect their family. His thoughtful and proactive approach ensures that the issues impacting their business or estate are addressed at the very beginning. In engaging John, you will find his belief in long term relationships reflected in the quality of his work and his timely response to your inquiries.

1:24 - Operating Agreements

8:45 - Thoughts on starting LLC

13:06 - LLC Purchasing property

14:16 - Contact


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