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The Doorway to

What You Really Want.

True Passive Returns on Your Investments.

What is Passive Investment?

A Passive investment is one where the investor does not perform any work in managing or maintaining the investment. Most Passive investments are Stocks and Bank investments. The problem with these traditional passive investments is that the returns are either low i.e. banks, or they are sporadic i.e. stocks.


Investing Passively in Real Estate requires partnering with someone who knows what they are doing and who you trust.


PCG creates PASSIVE Real Estate opportunities for qualified individuals. Investments that are not available to the average individual who is not involved in the day to day workings of the market.

Our Exclusive Group Criteria

Accredited Investors
 An individual with either a net worth of at least $1,000,000, excluding the value of one's primary residence, or annual income of at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or a $300,000 combined income if married) and have the expectation to make the same amount this year.


Sophisticated Investors
A sophisticated investor is a classification of investor indicating someone who has sufficient capital, experience and net worth to engage in more advanced types of investment opportunities.


Self Directed IRA Investors
Most IRA's only allow approved stocks, bonds, mutual funds. A Self Directed IRA allows investments in Real Estate with the same Tax Benefits.


Take Your Investments

To The Next Level

If you are seeking to diversify your portfolio, Peoples Capital Group may have the opportunities that could help you take your investments to the next level.  Investing in real estate offers people the opportunity to take advantage of equity appreciation, tax depreciation, and cash flow. Additionally, investing with an experienced real estate company like PCG, allows qualified investors to let their money work for them!


Peoples Capital Group offers select Real Estate investment opportunities to qualified individuals through Debt and an Equity positions.  To Learn if you qualify click on the links below or call us.  The opportunities are available on a first come first serve basis.

Don't Invest Alone.

Our Real Estate Group Investments Give You Bigger Buying Power, and Save You Valuable Time.

Opportunities to Invest With Experts is Our Focus For You 


"PCG is a fantastic company. True professionals! Worked with Aaron & Seth numerous times. They know Real Estate inside out. I highly recommend!!"

Alex P

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