New Private Offering:
27 Unit Apartment Building in Rahway NJ
Passive Real Estate Investing for Busy Professionals

2 Blocks to NJ Transit Train Station

Excellent Value Add Opportunity

Have you always wanted to own real estate investments, but didn't have the time nor the experience? Well now maybe you can!

Disclaimer: This is not a solicitation for funds nor is this the private offering for the above mentioned property. The following information is the disclosure of the due diligence completed thus far by Peoples Capital Group LLC to acquire the above mentioned property. All interested parties must fill out an application and speak with a managing member of Peoples Capital Group prior to reviewing any private offering as required by the SEC. Any investment decision should be reviewed carefully and is solely up to the entity or individual investing.

Peoples Capital Group is proud to announce a new Private Offering in a high demand downtown location. Highlights of this offering include: 


  • 27 residential units in the burgeoning and booming city of Rahway, NJ

  • Parking for 28 cars

  • Major Value Add - Collectively the average rents is 30% below market levels offering an opportunity to renovate and raise rents to market adding significant value to property

  • The property is situated just 2 blocks from the train station, direct to Manhattan

  • The city has seen tremendous growth and development over the last 10 years

  • Within walking distance to the shops and art seen in downtown Rahway

  • Ownership in a flourishing real estate sales market just 17 miles outside NYC

  • 5 year investment period

  • Minimum Investment: $30,000 | Maximum Investment: $450,000

  • 5 investment tiers rewarding a larger investment

  • Targeted Double Digit Annualized Cash on Cash Return

  • Targeted Double Digit Annualized Internal Rate of Return

  • Conservative cash flow and growth projections

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Join The Others Who Have Invested with Peoples Capital Group

For the last decade the owners of Peoples Capital Group, Seth Martinez and Aaron Fragnito, have been helping people invest in real estate.


Today, Peoples Capital Group owns and operates an 8 figure real estate portfolio and has transacted over 250 real estate deals, helping dozens and dozens of satisfied investors earn more money and diversify their retirement portfolios.

Passive investors enjoy:

  • Not having to do any of the work involved with real estate ownership

  • Property specific monthly in depth updates

  • Quarterly cash flow checks and financials

  • Annual tax depreciation (K-1)

  • Access to off market passive investment opportunities

  • Ease of mind come tax time, access to a 3rd party CPA firm who completes all tax filing and bookkeeping

  • A 10 year track record of success

  • In house management company

Limited Availability. PCG Private Offerings have historically funded very quickly. To ensure a position is available, take action quickly.

The last Private Offering from Peoples Capital Group funded in 7 days. Don't delay in taking your next step today!
Open to Accredited OR Sophisticated Investors. 
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Limited Availability. PCG Private Offerings have historically funded very quickly. To ensure a position is available, begin the qualification process today. 
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Financial Transformation Praise

"A+ on Seth and Aaron's multi-unit apartment investments. Their guidance helped me start investing and their knowledge is greater than anybody I've encountered.

- Sharon M. 


"For someone seeking real estate investments, I would recommend PCG services. Aaron & Seth are very astute and knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate investment and I also feel in a wide scope of business matters in general."

- Brian W. 


"I have been working with Seth & Aaron on multi-family investments for several years and have experienced above average returns compared to my prior investments. I am happy to recommend PCG to anyone looking to be invested in real estate."

- Riley S. 


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