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How Active Real Estate Investors Can Become Passive:

This webinar is for active real estate investors that want to learn how to become passive. Maybe you are tired of managing your properties or managing a management company and want to become a passive real estate investor.

Many active real estate investors find they actually earn a stronger ROI but work less by investing passively with PCG.

How to Self Direct Your IRA Into Real Estate

This webinar is for individuals that want to learn how to work with an IRA Custodian to self direct their IRA into real estate. The managing members of PCG explain how they work with investors to help them self direct their IRA into an NJ apartment building for stronger more predictable returns.

Real Estate is many IRA investors preferred method to build their retirement account because it is recession resilient and more predictable than the stock market.  

Sign up for the live version on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7 PM EST.

How to Diversify Out of Stocks Into Real Estate

This webinar is for people with stock portfolios that are seeking to diversify into a less volatile, recession resilient asset class : NJ Apartment Buildings.

The managing members of PCG walk the viewers through how they work with passive investors to help them diversify some of their stock portfolio into cash flowing NJ apartment buildings to earn numerous tax shelters, avoid the volatility of the stock market and grow stronger quarterly cash flow.

Update on PCG Apartment Building Repositions

This webinar is for people who want to learn about what PCG is currently working on. This webinar explains:

1. New Jersey Apartment buildings that PCG is currently renovating

2. How PCG funds opportunities working with private investors

3. How people earn passive returns and tax benefits through real estate ownership

4. Upcoming private offerings

Learn from actual projects that are being completed in New Jersey by experienced real estate professionals.

Where To Find The Most Profitable Real Estate Investments

The best deals are created, not found. How and where do experienced real estate investors at Peoples Capital Group create great deals?

Get ready to learn:

1. How to find a good deal in a high demand market
2. Best looking NJ markets for 2022 and beyond
3. How people are using their IRA to invest in real estate
4. How people partake in the benefits of real estate ownership without doing the work

State of the Market & Inflation in 2022 - How you can Benefit

Inflation has grown to staggering levels and is affecting everything in our lives from the food we eat to the energy we consume. The long term retirement visions we all carefully ponder may be minimized due to inflation.

In this exclusive presentation, you will learn new strategies and be reminded of older but important strategies, such as:

1. Why inflation creates problems but also creates opportunities for those who are educated.

2. Where the market is headed, who it is taking with it and who it is leaving behind.

3. The investment strategy all individuals need for 2022 and beyond.